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Quality Assurance

UCS\'s goal is to make sure your cabling infrastructure can be your long-term dependence on resources. We have a complete and strict quality certification system to provide users with up to 25 years of quality guarantee .

The purpose of the UCS quality assurance: 
(1) The registered link and/or channel will meet or exceed the performance 
requirements stated on quality assurance certificate for commercial building 
communication wiring standards specified 
(2) The registered link and/or channel will support all current and future network 
application for the commercial building communications wiring shown on the certificate 
and/or standards specified 
(3) During normal handling and use, the hardware and cable used in structured 
cabling system for all links have no blemish in terms of material and process. 
UCS quality guarantee application conditions:
(1) When project bidding, fill in "UCS project report for the special price application 
form" according to requirement and get qualified
(2) The project must be 100% of UCS products for link (including the jumper wire), if 
you have other alternatives must obtain written approve from UCS 
(3) UCS wiring materials used in the project purchased from UCS or authorized 
distributor. Unless approved in advance, difference of capacity/quantity should be 
within 15% for the product list between certificate and reported list 
(4) the project should be performed by the UCS qualified network design and 
installation contractor. At least 50% of wiring project leader and construction 
supervisor must hold the UCS "network cabling system" course certification; 
(5) Installation must comply with all TIA/EIA commercial building cabling construction 
standard and construction installation instructions of UCS products. 
UCS company assure you with the following: 
(1) Insist on anti-counterfeiting work, strictly protect consumers\' rights and interests 
(2) Original factory product, good quality 
(3) If blemish belongs to the product itself, promise to exchange
(4) Wiring systems twenty-five years quality warranty.

Transportation Monitoring

The UCS products are world leading products which exported to all over the world. With first-class quality, logistics, quality, quick delivery time and timely market response, UCS got good reputation from global customers. 



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