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Along with the rapid rise of the global communications industry including quick broadband strategy implemented, cloud computing, Internet of things and data centers, the industry development meet a new peak time.


Communication industry development is rapid and changeable. In this period, its function of bridge between peoples, people and objects, content and content reveals more important and outstanding. Look around you, new dazzling communication tools is even on baby’s hand. Communication helps us to be closer to the world. As the quality requirement of communication is increasing, the medium and physical system which provide function of connection and transfer should rise correspondingly.
All countries of the world are developing communication business.


According to Mail&Guardian of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, proposed to parliament for country fiber project. As Andile Ngcaba who is South Africa\\\'s communications minister announced that President Jacob Zuma put forward new measures to encourage communication enterprises and by means of fiber optic cable construction project to enhance communication technology and transmission efficiency. Thus will improve the connectivity of the whole nation and promote developing communications business in South Africa. Solutions of UCS GROUP for communications industry provides a stable network infrastructure. Strictly controlling performance of product by complying with international cabling standard, you don\\\'t need to worry about your network communications infrastructure. UCS GROUP, smart wiring system can help network administrators to easily manage large network infrastructure and provide alarm for outsider’s invasion, as well also strengthen the ability of quickly recover communication after in case of any emergency.




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