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Structured cabling is an open transmission platform containing the last 100 meters of MORE
various multimedia communication network. It plays an important role in intelligent building as the central nervous system. Generally, OA, CA, BA, FA or SA, including MA can be through a set of structured cabling system to implement the signal transmission between the various devices.


However, due to the impedance gap between each system equipment and each connector may be unique, all kinds of adapter will be used. So, the structured cabling system we discussed here is only limited to connect the phone and computer (including wireless AP, etc.). structured cabling system normally can be divided into six subsystems no matter what kind of building. The design of the structured cabling system can be base on these six 
subsystems. It may not include all six subsystems and just depends on the specific 
situation. Some projects may lack of one or more subsystems. 

The following are six subsystems: 

Work Area Subsystem

Horizontal Subsystem

Administration Subsystem

Backbone Subsystem

Equipment Room Subsystem

Campus Subsystem

Data center structured cabling system is cabling system applied in data center territory. The standard for data center is international cabling standard extending to this area and transferring the cable connection structure from building or factory into huge flat space. According to TIA-942, the Telecommunication Equipment Standard of Data Center, the space of data center is divided into several areas:

Main Distribution Area(MDA)

Horizontal Distribution Area(HDA)

Zone Distribution Area(ZDA)

Equipment Distribution Area(EDA)

The cabling system which acts as information transmission foundation is serving for these portions. 



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